Listen To Your Stomach To Save Your Skin

Gut Instinct: Listen To Your Stomach To Save Your Skin

SENSITIVE SKIN TIP 4: Start to digest your digestion.

They say "you are what you eat". In fact I've discussed that very topic in a previous blog entry. It's certainly nothing new to consider, but when it comes to the skin, one thing you may have forgotten to evaluate is just what happens to the foods you're eating. I've recently been plagued by bumps under the skin on my chin. Not pimples as such, but unsightly buggers nonetheless. Having no idea what to attribute the breakout too, I did a little investigation (insert Google) to unearth the little lumps origins. I discovered that the skin along your jaw line is a mirror to more than what's going on in your mouth. It's a direct response and result of your entire digestive tract. If you digestion is strong and healthy, so is the condition of your skin, however if you're suffering from indigestion, your skin will be struggling as well. Poor digestion is categorised by a set of symptoms experienced by your stomach. Vomiting and nausea, bloating and gas, abdominal pain or a burning sensation after eating are just a few examples. If you're not experiencing the above tummy upsets, your skin may be raising the flag for what lies beneath. Food that lingers in the digestive tract longer than necessary produces toxic by-products that can breakout through the skin. Any food to which we are sensitive can cause this lack of digestion, with alcohol, dairy, refined and spicy foods tend to be the worst offenders. The answer to my lumps and bumps? Aside from Botáni's Skin Rescue Kit?! It seems my sensitive skin's telling me that my digestion is out of whack. I guess I already knew that, feeling extremely sluggish at the moment, however I didn't know the increase of winter warmers to my diet was impacting my skin as well as my waistline! Michaela @ Botáni x