Botani's Story

Botani's Story: From Little Things Big Things Grow

Botani's Story

For this week's post, I'm so excited to share with you an extraordinary story; it's the Botani story. What I love about this story is how it all started - with Barbara, and a little seed planted many years ago by her grandmother about the wonders of natural botanicals and herbs. This little seed grew over the years; with dedication, passion and undying determination and have grown into an incredible, blossoming, botanical skincare brand which has helped thousands of people with their skincare concerns naturally. Today I'm sharing an expert of the Botani story, but you can read the full version here.

To anyone who has ever had a big dream, idea or a burning desire to follow your passion, I hope this story might serve as some inspiration as to what can be achieved if you keep going and put your heart and soul into it.

Botani's Story

I grew up surrounded by a large Greek family; it was always eventful and colourful with regular gatherings, food and celebrations. I had a special bond with my beautiful grandmother, Yiayia, who in her native Northern Greece was known for her 'healing hands' and infinite knowledge of herbs and tinctures as natural medicines. I remember her prescribing sliced raw potato and chewing on raw garlic to treat fevers. When I was ten, I remember feeling so wise and proud of all I had learnt from her, I would help her make countless compresses and tonics, and we'd talk for hours about the healing power of nature, including the olive. I have fond memories of bathing in olive oil, drinking it daily and even using it in my hair at night as a treatment.

Fast forward a decade, and back in Melbourne, Australia, my days and nights became consumed by ancient herbology books, the principles of Hippocratic medicine, naturopathy, and literature with over 2,000 herbs which I keenly studied in awe of their magnificence! I always remembered with fond memories my yiayia's stories, including many about the humble olive.

In My Heart

I always knew in my heart the olive could heal and keep skin soft and supple. In my twenties, I soaked up the Greek Island sun, breathed in the beautiful aromas of the Mediterranean, and connected with its beautiful and abundant natural beauty. I knew if I wanted to discover the pure magic of the olive, there was no better time nor place. After researching the olive and studying its biology closely, I found it was nothing short of miraculous. Most fascinating, I found was, how olive squalene is extracted from the fresh olive pumace. Once the olive oil has been extracted from the olive, the squalene is extracted from the remaining pulp of the fresh pomace of the olive.

Even to this day, I believe there is nothing that can be chemically manufactured by today's scientists that matches Olive Squalene's intelligence in hydrating the skin on a deep, biocompatible level.

In the early 90's I began practising as a naturopath and herbalist, What I saw in my practice compelled me to find a better way to help others every day. There are mainly five main skin conditions people seek treatment for acne, dry & atopic, mature, sensitive & fungal. These would often be accompanied by mental and emotional issues as well. My patients would often stay for hours, sometimes turning into a therapy session! When I treat a skin condition, I not only heal my patient's skin, but look at the entire picture including diet, lifestyle, state of mind, and emotions.

True Meaning Of Natural Beauty

With the true meaning of natural beauty instilled in me by my yiayia, my passion has and always will be helping others put their best skin forward, simply and naturally. I was determined to find better ways of caring for the skin using only pure, plant-based ingredients, and poured my heart and soul into developing the Botani range, which literally translates into 'plant' or 'nature' in English, not knowing that in fact I was paving the way for a new era of health-conscious, eco-savvy, green consumers!

Back in the mid 90's, natural skin care was a new concept, and as with anything new, more expensive to develop, still is! Through my unwavering commitment and experience treating hundreds of skin conditions over the last 20 years with my carefully crafted creams, herbal tinctures and health advice and lots of counselling, I have developed a deep understanding of the skin's intimate needs and how to blend ingredients from nature to truly nourish and heal the skin.

To great health and great skin, Barbara xxx. Read the full version of the Botani story here.


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