Free Your Skin From Acne

Free Your Skin From Acne: How Adopting A Holistic Approach Could Save Your Skin

Free your skin from acne - how adopting a holistic approach could save your skin.

ACNE TIP 3 - Embrace an acne treatment system.

So this month our acne treatment blog has helped you to check the ingredients in your products, put an end to over-cleansing, and now you're trying your hardest to resist the temptation to pick - but your pimples are still there! I know what you mean, mine are too! I've realized that I can't just make my blemishes disappear at the snap of my fingers, but there is one more little secret I've found that will most definitely speed up the process. It's time for us to take a holistic approach! Ok, at first I was worried by the term, but have come to realize that all it means is to make sure that I am taking actions towards curing my acne in every part of my lifestyle. More particularly, looking at what foods will really give my skin the boost it needs to beat those blemishes for good! So here are the 3 skin saving foods that I found: 1. Yoghurt - particularly Greek yoghurt with low added sugar. It's high probiotic content helps the regulation of bad bacteria in the body, and in turn the skin. 2. Fish - oily, cold water fish is a great source of Omega 3 Fatty Acids that provide anti-inflammatory benefits to the skin. Not a fan of fish? Try walnuts or flaxseed oil instead. 3. Water - Drinking plenty of water helps to keep the skin hydrated and to flush out any toxins, we should aim for about 8 glasses a day. Now that our diets are holistic, it is important that our skincare is too! When we mix and match products from different brands, we are only getting the basic benefits from each product. Using a team of products from the same brand is when best results can be achieved, as the products are formulated to work together. I don't know about you, but when I'm trying to get rid of my pimples I want the best results possible from my products! I also know that I am a little lazy, so a simple routine is best. That's why I use Botani's Skin Rescue Kit to treat my acne. The simple 3 step process naturally treats my pimples in a matter of minutes so I can get on with my life, knowing that my skin is being looked after by an acne system that works. Best of all, by purchasing the products together I save $16.40! I'm not the only one that thinks this is the best acne system, check out our customer reviews here. Got a question about acne friendly foods or want to know more about which products to use together? Ask away! Jenna @ Botani x