Power Of Flowers And Petals

The Power Of Flowers And Petals

The power of flowers and petals are enormous. Ever since I was a little girl, I've been fascinated by flowers. There's something incredibly magical about them, the way their delicate petals unfold from within a bud and burst out into beautiful blooms. Flowers are not only evocative, reminding us of gorgeous gardens we've visited or of romantic evenings receiving long-stemmed roses, but they're also packed with healing plant actives. When warmed, to begin with, the essential oils derived from flowers release potent scents that relax us and restore mind-body balance. As culinary extracts, flowers add that can't-put-your-finger-on-it flavour along with easing and alleviating anxiety and low mood. And as perfumes, the fragrance of flowers continue to captivate us.



Chamomile is a sweet daisy-like plant known for its anti-irritant properties. Recognised by the Ancient Greeks for its soothing abilities, nicknamed 'ground apple' for its mild, gentle flavour when consumed as a tea. It has a calming effect on the skin. Reducing redness and restoring skin balance, its two significant actives, Bisabolol and Azulenes, are known as anti-inflammatories and anti-irritants.


CalendulaSimilar to Chamomile in its ability to soothe the skin. Calendula is miraculous little flower also referred to as Marigold. Well researched, recognised by the Ancient Greeks and Romans, Calendula is used in Botáni's products to stop itching, reduce redness and help heal the skin. Flavonoids within the flower give the herb its anti-inflammatory properties which make it an ideal ingredient for treating cuts and wounds, acne lesions and burns.

Rose Damascena

Damask Rose

The Damask Rose, also known as Rose Damascena, is a beautiful Bulgarian flower that's delicious scent was discovered in biblical times in the Middle East. Today the flower and the water derived from its petals is used to add fragrance to skincare products like Botáni's as well as invigorate and tonify the skin. The natural rose water derived from its petals is a gentle, natural cleanser and toner, helping to balance the skin's pH and make cells more even and elastic.



Discovered by the Native Americans, who found the root of the flower could treat blood disorders, Echinacea has long been used expel toxins from the body and help build the immune system. High in minerals including Vitamin C, Silicon and Zinc, the beautiful purple flower is packed with anti-microbial properties that make it powerful immune system stimulant when used both internally and externally. Whether presented in a pretty pastel posy or growing on a gargantuan vine, flowers are one of nature's most beautiful gifts. For reasons besides their beauty as you now will have discovered. Do you have a favourite flower? Let us know in the comments below!