Dull Skin With Our Post Festive Season Detox

Re-Awaken Dull Skin With Our Post Festive Season Detox

Re-Awaken Dull Skin

SUMMER SKINCARE SIN #2 - Over-indulging on food and alcohol If you're anything like me, come January 2nd your key focus is on a post festive season detox to cleanse your body from all of the naughty food and drinks that you have indulged in over the past month. ]

I'm most certainly one to enjoy the moment of being around family and friends delighting in moreish home cooked meals and one too many margaritas. My philosophy goes a little like "oh I'll get back on track and make up for it in the New Year". Now my post festive season detox is not just about feeling healthy or losing weight, it's also about returning back to looking healthy because the festive season wreaks havoc on my complexion.

All that partying leaves my skin dull and lifeless. It's sporting an oily sheen one minute, and then it's as dry as the Sahara the next. All the sudden I have accumulated colonies of blackheads, which decide to emerge into sporadic breakouts that leave me having no absolutely no idea what I need to do to care for my skin - it's surprising I haven't experienced a meltdown yet, I know!

However, this is nothing that my super easy skin detox can't fix. By getting back into healthy eating habits, upping my intake of fruit and vegetables and avoiding refined carbs, I feel next to new in no time! (See below for my favourite Detox juice recipe - it's a lifesaver for revitalizing dull skin!) Aside from caring for your skin from the inside, it's also great to give it a helping hand from the outside.

That's where Botáni 's Exfoliating 2 in 1 Scrub and Mask steps in. This rich, creamy scrub assists to remove dead skin cells whilst also nourishing your skin. It gives a really deep scrub that also helps to reduce blackheads and improve breakouts. The Exfoliating 2 in 1 Scrub and Mask is jam packed with nutritious ingredients that will leave your skin glowing every time - plus it is deliciously scented like cake! YUM!

It's time to forget about any naughty indulgences you had over the festive season and refresh your skin ready for 2014! Botáni 's Skin Saviour Detox Juice: - ½ of a beetroot (reduces skin inflammation & maintains elasticity) - ½ of an apple (improves the complexion of the skin) - 2 stalks of celery (calms inflammation, regulates body fluids and balances acidity in the body) - 2 pineapple slices (slows down the aging process) - ½ of an orange (improves the skin texture and colour) - ¼ cup water Jenna @ Botáni x