Environment Affects Your Healthy Skin

How Our Environment Affects Your Healthy Skin

Our environment affects your healthy skin in more ways than you may think. It shouldn't ring alarm bells in your head when we say that if you have dry skin, and are wanting skin that's plump and radiant, you're in a toxic relationship that you need to get out of, one with your environment.

Tips For Healthy Skin

Alarm bells? If you want healthy skin, think about it for a moment. You put clothes on a Hills Hoist in the backyard, to dry out. Also, you may turn your heat lamps on in the bathroom when you're out of the shower, dripping wet to dry out. You leave your bathers, or swimmers, togs, budgie smugglers in the sun after a day at the beach, again, to dry out! So imagine what happens to healthy skin when it is subjected to the environment on a daily basis, particularly the face, 24/7? I don't think you need to be a rocket scientist to realise it's going to become dry.

Your environment plays a huge role in the health of your skin. Despite needing to use a heater in winter or an air conditioner in summer, for instance, there are still ways to ensure optimum skin health, with topical products like our Olive Skin Serum.

Stay Hydrated For Healthy Skin

As we know, we're encouraged to drink 8 glasses of water a day for our bodies to function regularly. With the skin being the body's largest organ, that means most of that water is going straight to your skin and if you're subjecting it to a harsh environment, you're losing not just important crucial hydration.

Your skin craves hydration daily, it's as vital to the skin as air is to life. Aside from staying out of the sun, covering yourself in a scarf in the cold and shutting the vents of your heater. Sometimes an impossibility in Botáni's cold Melbourne headquarters to hydrate dry skin with deeply penetrative serums like ours, or intensive moisturisers, like our Olive Repair Cream.

Dry skin. Ha! If you try our suggestions above you'll have skin that beams like the sun as quickly as we welcome in the next season.