Skin Irritations Ruin Your Summer

Don't Let Skin Irritations Ruin Your Summer: Fight Back With Phytoseptic

SUMMER SKIN TIP #4 - Relieve your skin of irritations As much as I am enjoying the longer days and the gradual increase in temperatures at the moment, I also know that with the joy of warm summer weather comes the annoyance of pesky skin irritations. Mysterious rashes, itchy bumps and flakey skin combine to create a skin health cocktail that is just impossible to swallow. It seems no matter what I do, I can't get any relief. Worst of all, I'm guessing I'm not alone, and that there are plenty of others out there who are also secretly suffering. What if I was to tell you don't have to suffer anymore, that you can enjoy the sunshine without having to hide unsightly skin problems? And that even better, you can enjoy this relief from just one product? Sounds too good to be true, but it really isn't! Botáni's 100% nautral Phytoseptic anti-fungal cream is an all-rounder that makes easy work of solving big skin irritations. Approved by the Therapeutic Goods Administration the formulation has undergone rigorous safety testing to ensure that it is suitable for the whole family to use. With clinically proven anti-bacterial, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties, Phytoseptic is a first aid kit essential that provides relief to an array of common skin irritations; you name it, this cream will help to treat it€¦ Fungal infections (athlete's foot, tinea etc.): Increased perspiration combined with shoes and socks that don't breathe can lead to uncomfortable fungal infections such as athlete's foot and tinea. Don't spend all summer trying to hide your feet, instead treat the infection efficiently and effectively with Phytoseptic. Apply the cream to clean, dry skin twice daily, allow your feet some time to breathe, and you'll be enjoying gorgeous feet again in no time! Rashes (eczema, sand rash, chafing): From the sand that got caught in between your bathers and your skin (ouch!) to chaffing from increased perspiration, rashes are not fun to deal with during summer, and quite frankly put a dampener on enjoying your time in the sun! Not to worry, applying Phytoseptic to the affected area twice daily will reduce the symptoms in no time, so you don't miss a thing this summer. Thrush: I doubt I need to elaborate on how uncomfortable this is. Don't let it get in your way this summer. Apply Phytoseptic externally twice daily to reduce redness, itching and burning, as well as treat any splits to the skin. Cuts, scratches and wounds: These are inevitable to occur as we begin to spend more time outdoors. Remove bacteria from the wound and ward off infection by applying Phytoseptic twice daily until healed. Insect bites: We're not the only creatures that like to enjoy the warm weather, summer also brings with it plenty of creepy crawlies whose bites pack a punch! Mosquito, ant and sand fly bites can lead to skin swelling, becoming painful, red and hot and if that wasn't enough, then the itchiness starts. One quick application of Phytoseptic will reduce swelling, pain, heat and calm any redness as well as combating itchiness so you don't have to fight the urge. There's little wonder why this product is an absolute essential for all first aid kits and handbags. Don't just take my word for it though, see what our customer's thought in their testimonials and reviews. So why not try going green this summer? I can guarantee that once you go green, you won't go back! Got a question about summer skin irritations? Ask away below Jenna @ Botáni x

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