Do You Really Need To Use A Toner?

Skin Care Myth-Busting: Do You Really Need To Use A Toner?

Skin Care Myth-Busting

As we learnt more and more about skincare the same question struck us all at one point or another- do you really need to use a toner? What does this mysterious second step even do for our skin?

The Purpose Of A Toner

There are three major claims most toners usually make- to remove excess oil, grime and makeup residue from the skin, to correct and even out the overall tone of the skin, and to soothe sensitive, inflamed and acne-prone skin. We're often asked a few questions in response to these claims- isn't a cleanser or exfoliant supposed to give your pores a deep clean? Shouldn't you be using a serum to brighten the complexion? Don't moisturisers and rich oils deliver irritated skin with a soothing sensation? One of the lesser sprouted benefits of toners, essences and facial mists is that they can prepare the skin for the rest of your products. We use them after cleansing to ensure the skin is adequately cleansed (this is particularly important if you use a rich cream, balm or oil cleanser as these can leave behind a residue that prevents your other products from effectively penetrating the skin), and they also soften the skin to allow your serums and moisturisers to better penetrate the dermis.

Do You Need A Toner

While it's true that a toner can do jobs that other parts of your skincare routine can do, a toner does ensure that the rest of your products effectively do their job. So do you need to use a toner? It comes down to personal preference! While they may not be as essential as your cleanser or moisturiser, they can help your favourite products perform to the best of their ability. While the use of a facial toner does come down to personal preference, adding a carefully formulated natural product into your routine certainly can't hurt!

Why We Use A Toner

Rather than a specific toner, we like to opt for a facial mist (like our Botani Soothing Facial Mist) for a couple of reasons. Many mainstream toners contain alcohol to exfoliate the surface of the skin. This leaves your skin looking brighter and your pores appearing smaller. Alcohol can strip your skin of its precious natural oils and irritate sensitive skin, leading to more harm than good, so a natural, non-toxic alternative gets our vote! We also love keeping a mist on hand during the day to refresh our makeup and keep our skin feeling hydrated despite environmental factors- without having to reapply a moisturiser, oil or lotion. So are toners, essences and mists necessary? The bottom line: It's up to you, but always choose a natural option where possible.

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