Heal Eczema And Enjoy Skin Health

Ditch The Itch: The Best Natural Ways To Heal Eczema And Enjoy Skin Health

Heal Eczema

SKIN CONDITION #3 - Eczema As Autumn begins and the weather starts to get cooler, we start to get inundated with customer enquiries about skin conditions that are caused by the harsh, cool climate - with Eczema being a main culprit. Most people have experienced a spot of Eczema at one point in their life. If you're new to the red, itchy, scaly rash, chances are you have no idea where it has come from, and are oblivious as to how to treat it! Or maybe you've been experiencing it for years and haven't been able to find the perfect treatment that provides relief yet? Well look no further, because this week we're uncovering all you need to know about the best natural ways to heal! What is Eczema? Eczema is an inflammatory skin condition that results in red, dry, scaly, itchy skin. In severe cases the skin may also weep or bleed. The most common form in Australia is Atopic Eczema which is not contagious and is known to flare and subside for no apparent reason. What causes Eczema? There is much debate about what causes Eczema, however it is believed that the following factors play a part in your skin's susceptibility to the condition:

  • Genetics
  • Some foods and drinks - dairy products, eggs, wheat, nuts, preservatives & chemical food additives
  • Stress
  • Irritants - weather (hot & humid or cold & dry climates), airconditioning/heating, chemicals
  • Allergens - dust, pollens, pets, grasses & toiletries products
How do I prevent Eczema? There are a number of things that you can do to assist in preventing Eczema outbreaks, including:
  • Daily moisturisation is essential! The ideal time to moisturise is straight after showering/bathing when your pores are open to lock in the moisture
  • Try to limit the time spent in highly airconditioned/heated environments and lower the temperature of your showers/baths
  • Ensure that you ventilate your house with fresh air as much as possible. Also ensure to change your bed sheets & dust your house regularly
  • Try to reduce your stress levels
  • Most importantly, learn your individual Eczema triggers and try to reduce/eliminate these as much as possible

How do I treat Eczema? To assist in the treatment of Eczema, it is recommended that your reduce usage of drying soaps & detergents, and instead use highly nourishing, and if possible, natural products (check out our PhytoBody Wash, it's perfect for Eczema prone skin). A good moisturiser is also essential and Botáni's Olivéne Balm is the perfect solution! Known as the natural alternative to Petroleum Jelly, this gentle natural Eczema cream provides complete care to treat your Eczema, whilst also providing a natural barrier for your skin to prevent any further irritation. The Olivéne Balm's all natural formulation contains plenty of skin goodies; such as Olive Wax, Olive Butter & Olive Oil; that provide much needed hydration and nourishment to dry, dehydrated skin. The Olivéne Balm also contains Calendula, which is known for its soothing benefits, to assist in reducing inflammation, redness and irritation. So no need to be frustrated by your Eczema any longer! With these lifestyle tips and the ever trusty Olivéne Balm you can enjoy natural relief.* Jenna @ Botáni x *If symptoms persist, or in severe cases, Botáni recommends that you seek advice on treatment from your health care professional. 

best natural way to heal eczema

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