Ditch The Itch

Ditch The Itch: Become A Label Lover

SENSITIVE SKIN TIP 3 - Audit your ingredients. Being vegan, I'm a pretty savvy shopper. Choosing to eat a purely plant based diet, when I'm in the supermarket (or local organic grocer in my case!), I've become an expert at reading labels to see whether products contain eggs or dairy and favour honest uncomplicated branding over flashy labels and slogans. However, I' the first to admit that when it comes to cosmetics and skincare I'm a little more relaxed. Well, that's an understatement. Until recently I had no idea what was in the products I subjected my skin to each day let alone the effect they could have on me. For someone with sensitive skin, I've learnt this oversight has been detrimental. My ignorance has seen me suffer allergic reactions that weren't necessary, ridiculous rashes I could have prevented and scaly skin that just shouldn't have happened. And why? Because while I paid to what I consumed on the inside, I was unaware of what I was 'consuming' on the outside. The lesson? Become a skincare label lover! Read, read and then, you guessed it, read some more! Educate yourself about the ingredients that are in your favourite products and study them to see if they could be adversely affecting your skin. Know what you're putting on your skin, know whether it's suitable for use on sensitive skin and more importantly, know whether it's specifically suitable for you. I'm assuming that some of you reading this are like me. Or the old me. And may even be experiencing some irritations as the moment as a result of not auditing ingredient lists. If you are, thankfully I can present you with a solution. An incredible one. I'm pleased to announce that Botáni Phytoseptic is now back in stock! In a new easy-to-squeeze tube, Phytoseptic is a product I honestly cannot live without and if you too have sensitive skin, I cannot recommend this product highly enough. When you look up the term 'multi-purpose' in the dictionary, there should be a photo of Phytoseptic next to it. This cream has the ability to immediately stop itching, reduce redness, kill bacteria and heal infections - all whilst remaining all-natural and pregnancy safe. Seriously. If the above benefits aren't enough to sell you the product, the cream kills infections at a 99.9% kill rate along with the secondary infections that often follow. It's no wonder that it's been approved by the Therapeutic Goods Administration (T.G.A), who along with me, champion the products efficacy. Phytoseptic is a skincare product you can always rely on, trust me. Although that kind of goes against everything I said in the post, doesn't it? May be best to read the label first! Michaela @ Botani x