Healthy Supple Skin

How To Regain Healthy Supple Skin

Healthy supple skin is one of the secrets for anti-aging. Ditch the dryness today because did you know that if your skin is dry, it will age faster? Look at the olives above and tell us one thing: do you prefer the silky, supple olive on the left or the aged, wrinkled olive on the right? Unless you're a reptile, and like skin that's rough and dry, you're going to favour the smooth olive on the left. Correct? Do you want to appear like the glistening olive above with healthy skin that's silky, supple and plump? We have the answer to solving dry skin which is ageing you and robbing you of your youthful glow! If your skin's lost its radiance and both wrinkles and age spots are taking over, unless you've resulted to plastic surgery or the like, the age of your skin (which may not match your physical age!) is the result of it being dry. Aside from blowing out the candles on another birthday cake and staying out of the sun to prevent pigmentation and age spots, dry skin is the most common cause of premature ageing.

Built-in Moisturiser

Our bodies are intelligent and similarly is our skin. If you don't believe us, why is it that we have our built-in moisturiser and anti-oxidant without having to pay a single cent at a pharmacy, cosmetic store or plastic surgeon? It's a fact that no matter what your age, ethnicity or skin type, we all have a built-in miracle shield, Squalene, your daily defence against anti-ageing and free radical damage. Problem? As we age, scarily from twenty-five years old, our ability to produce Squalene in our sebum declines, and therefore, as the years creep up on us, the drier skin becomes, insert wrinkles, crevices and sagging skin. The answer? You need to replenish daily with nature's only plant active that mimics the miracle shield every one of us is born with, Olive Squalene found within Botáni's Olive Skin Serum. Olive Skin Serum is as vital to the skin as water is to life. Wake up, brush your teeth, have a shower, apply Olive Skin Serum. The answer to looking young, radiant and having healthy skin that loves you is just that simple. Stay tuned over the coming weeks for more tips on dry skin and how to combat the nasty condition, until then, remember to cleanse - treat - hydrate!