Dehydration Affects Every Skin Type

Dehydration Affects Every Skin Type

Dehydration Affects Every Skin Type

Dehydration isn't a condition only reserved for dry skin. It affects every skin type from oily to sensitive, combination and even acne-prone. The reason? When skin becomes dehydrated, there's one common denominator - a weakened moisture barrier.


Dehydrated vs Dry Skin

Dehydrated skin is very different to dry skin. Dry skin is characterised by dull, flakey skin with pores that are almost invisible. While dry skin lacks moisture, dehydrated skin lacks water.

They can occur together but will require a custom skincare routine. Dry skin can be hereditary or in some cases can be a result of medications, hormonal imbalance or environmental stressors.

Today, we're covering dehydrated skin. If you'd like expert advice on dry skin, Barbara has shared her top tips on our website.


How The Moisture Barrier Works

"Your skin cannot heal unless the moisture barrier is maintained. The moisture barrier acts as a protective layer, keeping it safe from water loss and environmental stressors" Explains Barbara.

You'll know your moisture barrier isn't working as it should if you notice signs of redness or inflammation, dehydration, itchiness, flakiness or acne flare-ups. In short, if it's not working as it should, your skin can't retain its beautiful natural oil. Without the moisture barrier intact, your skin will become dehydrated.

Dehydration Damaged Moisture Barrier

How To Protect The Skin Barrier Function

Unfortunately, your moisture barrier can be weakened by a multitude of things: hormonal changes, not drinking enough water, stress, environmental stressors and more. While some of those things can't be avoided, there are steps you can take to keep it strong and functioning as it should.

For one, avoid over-cleansing as it will dry out your skin. Choose natural products and don't go too heavy on products with glycolic, AHA and salicylic acids.

Keep up your water intake regularly throughout the day and avoid caffeinated drinks, this will provide an instant hydration boost internally which will show on your skin. A good quality Omega 3 supplement will promote skin healing, reduce inflammation and re-balance your hydration levels.


What To Avoid To Repair Dehydrated Skin

Caffeine and alcohol can really dehydrate your system. They are both diuretics that strips your body of essential hydration. Limit your intake as much as possible and replace these drinks with water.

Hot showers coupled with constant air conditioning is a recipe for disaster! Switch to lukewarm showers and if you can, forgo the air conditioning.

Repairing your skin starts within so avoid excess sugar, transfats and heavily produced food. Instead, stock up on Omega 3 foods like salmon, walnuts, flaxseed and egg yolks (if your diet permits it!) and you'll notice a difference in your overall health.


How To Rebuild Your Skin Moisture Barrier

To curb dehydrated skin and restore moisture, consider altering your skincare routine to build it up again.

If you have oily and dehydrated skin, we recommend a gentle cleanser like our Purify Facial Cleanser which is packed with calming ingredients like chamomile and echinacea root extract. If your skin type is dry, acne-prone, sensitive or dehydrated, our Olive Soothing Cream Cleanser will gently cleanse your skin without disrupting your moisture barrier.

Ensure you are exfoliating twice-weekly to remove dead skin cells. This will encourage skin renewal and it will help your products better absorb. Our non-abrasive cream-based formulation has an uplifting aromatic blend of Roman chamomile, vanillin and grapefruit which work to restore moisture.

For instant, long-lasting hydration, adding a serum before you moisturise is a must. Our Olive Skin Serum is clinically proven to fight dehydration on a cellular level. Our key ingredient, squalene, protects your skin which will help keep that hydration locked in!

Using a heavy moisturiser at night for intense hydration. Our Olive Repair Cream actively works to protect your skin from environmental elements while providing a deep hydrating effect.


If you need further advice, don't hesitate to reach out to us!