De-Stress Skin Remedies

De-Stress Skin Remedies: 6 Easy Steps

De-Stress Skin Remedies

Finding ways to de-stress skin and leave it looking refreshed and relaxed is what many of may be searching for. When your body and mind is stressed, so is your body's largest organ, your skin. The effects of stress on your face aren't exactly 'glowing', so take heed of our stressed-out skin remedies and stop that oxidative stress in its tracks.

Oxidative Stress

Oxidative stress is just a fancy name for damaged cells basically. Although I feel like it could refer to someone's drop in oxygen levels when stressed, like at 11 pm last night when my toddler refused to sleep. In fact, the actual meaning of oxidative stress isn't too dissimilar, it's when a number of free radicals produced exceed the number of antioxidants, which are our repair soldiers. So sort of like when the amount of stress and frustration in your life exceeds your patience!

Why Our Bodies Produce Free Radicals

The process of oxidation happens as our bodies process oxygen that we breathe and our cells produce energy from it. This process also produces free radicals, resulting in damage or stress to other cells.

Effects Of Stress On Your Face

    • Dry, dehydrated skin.
    • Premature ageing, fine lines and wrinkles.
    • Dull, lacklustre skin.

De-Stress Your Skin

To de-stress your skin we need to decrease our oxidative stress. Here are our six stressed skin remedies:

  1. Decrease Sugar

    Sugar increases oxidation, so your body needs increased amounts of antioxidants to fight this! Swap desserts for some Antioxidant-rich berries!
  1. Maintain A Healthy Immune System

    When your body is busy fighting off infections, oxidation increases, which is why you end up feeling drained energetically. Try increasing your intake of dark leafy greens, berries and coconut oil. Or consult your healthcare practitioner.
  1. Stress Maintenance

    Make time to meditate, move your body, connect with nature, write a journal, have some 'me time'.€¯ This is something I am still struggling with as a mum of two young kids, so I will definitely be making more of an effort (and somehow, time!) to do the things I enjoy. Tennis and reading- here I come!
  1. Reduce Your Toxic Load

    Buy and cook organic food (if possible), or food bought at your local Farmer's Market. Choose food packaging which is free from nasty plastics and metals, avoid cigarette smoke, choose organic clothing brands if possible, avoid chemical hair dyes & nail polish, and synthetic, chemically based beauty products. (Note: this in itself is an expansive topic - I'll expand on toxic loading in a future post).
  1. Eat More Antioxidants

    Increase the number of antioxidants you eat in your diet. Including nuts, activated, if possible, seeds, berries, dark leafy greens and beets.€¯ Good quality raw dark chocolate is a good one in moderation too....see, chocolate and stress are a match made in heaven!
  1. Apply More Antioxidants

    A great broad spectrum antioxidant-rich oil is the Botani Acai Berry Active Antioxidant Serum. It has over 50 vitamins and minerals for the skin including Vitamins A, C, E & F. I also can't go past the Olive Skin Serum which I always and always will call my skin saviour. Seriously though, the Squalene in this product is a natural antioxidant.

This week my aim is to get through Andi Lew's book, Wellness Loading Disconnect to Reconnect. Perhaps with some dark choc coated goji berries in hand. Written By Sandra La Scala, Botani natural beauty writer, poodle lover, mum of two boys, advocate of natural skincare, sleep and surrounding yourself with happy people!

Disclaimer: The information contained on this site is general in nature and for informational purposes. It is not meant to substitute the advice provided by your healthcare professional. Please contact your healthcare professional immediately for any health-related conditions or concerns. Please consult with a healthcare professional before starting any diet, exercise, supplementation or medication program.

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