Differences Between Day And Night Creams

Interesting Differences Between Day And Night Creams

Differences Between Day And Night Creams

Is there a difference between day and night creams? We hear this question often, and it's an excellent question. Why does your skin demand different types of moisturisers for different times of day? Are the two as different as night and day, or are they secretly the same product slapped with different labels, aimed at selling more skincare to you? This week we take a look at the difference between the two and strive to help find the best repair cream for your skin.

Basics Between Day And Night Creams

Both day and night creams are made to moisturise your skin. But beyond that, they serve slightly different purposes. The most noticeable difference between a day and a night cream will be that the daytime moisturiser is lighter and a little less greasy. You wouldn't be too impressed if you applied your moisturiser first thing in the morning only to feel like you've been dipped in butter for the rest of the day.

Day Creams

Your daily moisturising cream is likely to be less greasy than a night cream and will contain more ingredients to protect your skin against the sun and the environment. Expect to find sunscreens, skin repairing antioxidants, peptides, and some skin lightening agents in many of your morning moisturisers. This all combines to protect your skin from the signs of early ageing; damage, wrinkles.

Night Creams

Who can say no to the idea of quality night cream? It sounds hard to resist. Put it on, go to sleep, and wake up looking wonderful! Night creams are often very similar to daytime moisturisers, but the sun-blocking ingredients are replaced with more nourishing, repairing (and often more greasy) ingredients. Most night creams get 7-8 hours* to sink in and work their magic, so they get away with being a little heavier. The best night creams should also include irritant-relieving ingredients to help repair the damage done during the day.

Dual-Action Moisturisers

Many skin care experts say that most people probably don't need two separate day and night creams in their routine. Aiming to create a simple, yet effective solution, Botáni has developed the Olive Repair Cream. Suiting the needs of both daytime and nighttime, our Olive Repair Cream is beautifully rich without being too heavy or greasy to apply during the day. As you should expect from the best day/night moisturisers, the Olive Repair Cream nourishes and hydrates skin, while also helping to protect against daily environmental stressors. Enriched with non-greasy Olive Squalene, the Olive Repair Cream is the best day/night moisturiser for achieving smooth, rejuvenated skin.


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