Inspirational Celebs Without Makeup

Our 7 Inspirational Celebs Without Makeup

Celebs Without Makeup

I find it so demoralising how tabloids headline a celebs' no makeup selfie as "completely unrecognisable/shocking photos/ugliest celebs without makeup". Immediately conjuring up thoughts of goblin-like characters that should be in hiding. Well, guess what? I recognised every celeb in those photos! None were shocking, and far from 'ugly'. They are natural, ordinary photos of people, with the most beautiful bare skin, actually and a much-needed reminder to us all that you do not need to mask your face to feel accepted or loved.

Makeup Plays A Small Part

Make does play a small part, but don't let it skew reality. When I browse through my Instagram feed, I'm often greeted with an influx of before and after looks. Some wonderful Makeup Artists out there with incredible skills, no denying. But I often look at these pics and think, well actually, I loved her fresh-faced! The makeup has undoubtedly given her a 'different' look but not necessarily better. Does anyone else think the same? I'm not against makeup. I love it. I love how it can enhance and transform. We all know Kim K does it well - the skin, the hair, the makeup and fashion, but how about we start thinking about what works best for us? What suits our skin? Our body shape, without aspiring to 'look' like someone else, aka just-be-yourself?

Give Your Skin A Makeup-Free Day

It's second nature for some of us to 'do' our face every day as part of our routine, and don't I know that! I remember travelling through Europe, but not stepping foot out the door until my primer, liquid foundation, powder, blush, eyeliner, mascara and lipstick was on. Now, the thought of doing that every day exhausts me! I usually do a dash of mineral powder, blush and a vegan lippy or gloss. On weekends I typically go makeup-free (maybe with a touch of lippy). Not only is it essential to make sure the makeup you are using is free from pore-clogging silicone and other fillers, but equally important to give your skin some fresh air!

Inspirational Celebs Without Makeup

Refreshingly, the Hollywood community has received this memo because countless celebs have jumped on the no-makeup selfie bandwagon lately, and it's become the norm to skip the made-up look for the 'I'm confident with my natural beauty' look. Check out my top 7 celebrities without makeup who inspire me to bare my skin:


This woman is a legend. Not only because she is an amazing artist, but also an inspirational mother. Teaching her daughter, and the world, the value of self-acceptance. Oh, and she rocks short hair and fresh skin, too! Check out this gorgeous example from Pink's Instagram

Alicia Keys

Wanting to keep it real and 'embrace each other how we are', Alicia has been in the media without makeup on several occasions, even performing makeup free and wiping off the makeup of news anchors in 2016 on live tv! Way to go, Alicia! Here's an example of her rocking no makeup from her Instagram

Gwyneth Paltrow

Known equally for her famous movies and dating Brad Pitt as she is for her alternative lifestyle and food choices, Gwyneth has published a clean eating recipe book with a makeup-free photo of herself on the cover, as well as flaunting her cute sun-kissed freckles in lots of no makeup selfies! Gwyneth is never shy of posting these makeup-free selfies on her Instagram either.

Gwen Stefani

Notorious for flawless makeup and bold red lips, this famous Mumma has recently embraced her natural beauty, flaunting her no makeup face! Like this gorgeous vacation picture, she posted on her Instagram

Drew Barrymore

We have to commend Ms Barrymore here she went a step further than a 'no makeup' selfie. Unkempt brows, grey hairs, the whole shebang. Geez, Drew, how dare you look like a normal human being.

Gal Gadot

Wonder Woman on-screen and apparently in real life too, Gal doesn't mind flaunting her dark circles and freckles. She's a real-life mum with a real baby, and we all know that equals sleepless nights! Happily posting this image on her Instagram

Cameron Diaz

Those striking eyes look even more striking on the fresh-faced Ms Diaz. Cameron is an advocate of ageing healthily and gracefully; she has written The Longevity Book which is about helping to keep your body 'in the best possible condition so it can carry you through a long and beautiful life'. We think this is just what the world needs to hear. Cam's Instagram full of no makeup selfies.

You Are Naturally Beautiful

In this day and age where a little 'nip/ snip/tuck/injection' is normal, sometimes on your work lunch break, it's refreshing to see our favourite celebs stripping it back and keeping it real. We need to start the conversation - we are all beautiful regardless of our ethnicity, our sex, our skin type or skin condition. We need to remember that the perfect, flawless faces we see are the result of skilled Makeup Artists and well-formulated makeup. Strip it back once in a while, bare that natural beauty, without being scared (the first time doing anything is always the hardest).

Join me for #botanibarebeauty I'm going to challenge you to post up a no-makeup selfie; I'm calling it #botanibarebeauty. I'll start with my no makeup selfie below - will you join me? Post your pic on our Facebook page or Instagram and tag #botanibarebeauty! Look forward to seeing you, fresh-faced beauty! Everyone that posts a no-makeup selfie with the tag #botanibarebeauty gains a BONUS entry into our monthly blog comp to WIN a $120 Botani gift voucher! Author: Sandra La Scala.

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