Botáni's Quick Skin Fixes

Botáni's Quick Skin Fixes For The Holiday Season: Even The Busiest People Can Adopt

Botáni's Quick Skin Fixes

SUMMER SKIN TIP #3 - Use products that multi-task to save time I've finally got to feel the first warm rays of sunshine and am relieved that Summer is on its way. For me that means days spent at the beach, fish and chips on the porch and of course many balmy summer nights spent with family and friends at holiday parties - fun but very busy! That's why when this time of year rolls around I start to simplify my routines, minimizing the time spent on skin care so that I can get out and enjoy the sunshine. So begins my yearly hunt for multi-tasking products that can provide quick skin fixes. My hunt was very short lived this year; as soon as I found Botáni's Smart Travel Hydration Pack I knew all of my summer skin care needs were taken care of. Featuring three Botáni essentials (Olive Skin Serum, Soothing Facial Mist and Healing Lip Balm) packaged in a handy purse size travel bag, the skin care travel kit provides the ultimate convenience for my hectic summer lifestyle. The three products cover all the bases when it comes to hydrating the skin during the warm weather, taking the hassle out of my skincare routine. Firstly, I can't imagine summer without the Soothing Facial Mist. Light, refreshing and hydrating, the rose scented mist is the best pick me up for my dehydrated skin! The ultimate multi-tasker, the mist can be used either as a light facial wash, an energising mist or as a cooling and calming after sun treatment. The Olive Skin Serum cares for my face and neck area, providing intense hydration and maintaining my skin's healthy glow all day. After long days on the beach, travelling or sitting in the office, the face serum benefits my skin by revitalising and brightening it on the go (e.g. in the 30 minutes I have to prepare for the office Christmas party after work). As a bonus, it is also great as a hand treatment for when my hands get dry, just 2-3 drops and my skin is soft and supple. The finishing touch is the Healing Lip Balm - I needn't look any further for remedies for dry, chapped lips! The nourishing, natural lip balm cares for my lips all day, even when I have exposed them to ultra drying elements such as the sun, wind and air conditioning. It also doubles as a light weight cuticle balm to protect my hands from the elements as well. Plus its summery vanilla scent is so delicious I have a funny feeling I'll be using this product all summer long! The Smart Travel Hydration Pack really does cater for all of my holiday skin care needs, and with its handy travel bag, I can see it living in my handbag during summer! Trying to find the perfect multi-tasking products for your routine? Let me know below. Jenna @ Botáni x

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