Botáni's Natural Remedies For Cold And Flu Symptoms

Botáni's Natural Remedies For Cold And Flu Symptoms

SECRET PRODUCT BENEFIT #1 - Cold & flu season must have This month at Botáni we're letting you in on a few little secrets€¦ we'll be sharing with you the little known benefits of some of our favourite products! We often like to get experimental with the products in the Botáni office but don't often get the chance to share our awesome discoveries with our customers, well this month the cat is out of the bag as we show you our favourite Botáni secret product benefits. And why not kick it off with an extremely relevant topic - cold and flu season. It's the time of year we all dread, and the illness we all try so hard to avoid, however it's highly likely that you will experience at least one cold or flu over the winter months. If you're like me, once you've caught one you'll want to quickly nix some of the symptoms, particularly the more annoying ones - not being able to breathe, a dry, red and painful nose, chapped and cracked lips. These symptoms are part and parcel of getting a cold; however there are often not many solutions available to treat them€¦well have I got good news for you! Introducing Botáni's Olivéne Balm, your cold and flu must have! As soon as I feel a cold coming on, this trusty balm takes pride of place on my bedside table and in my handbag. Why do I rely on it so much? Here are my top three tips for reducing cold and flu symptoms with Olivéne Balm:
  1. All natural decongestant rub - I remember growing up with my mum rubbing decongestant rub on my chest when I was sick - such a comforting feeling. When I get a cold, I instantly want to feel that comfort feeling from my childhood; however I'm also conscious of keeping my products natural. Then an idea came to me, how about I mix Eucalyptus Oil with my Olivéne Balm to make my own all natural decongestant rub? Give it a go, not only will you enjoy the warm, snugglies of your childhood, but you will also be able to breathe a lot easier!
  2. Conquer painful, dry skin around your nose - it's the worst part of getting a cold I swear! One day in and your nose is red, dry, irritated and of course extremely sore! Save yourself the agony with Olivéne Balm. Simply apply Olivéne Balm to the skin around your nose to provide hydration to the skin, calm inflammation and redness and provide a natural barrier against further irritation. Bye bye Rudolf!
  3. Chapped and cracked lips - ouchies! The thought of it just makes me cringe. The point where your lips have become so dry that they begin to peel and crack. Unfortunately it's a common symptom when a blocked nose causes you to breathe through your mouth (particularly at night). Not to worry! By applying Olivéne Balm to your lips as needed from the beginning of your cold you can keep your lips super soft and supple. Bonus tip: make sure you also apply before you go to bed at night to protect your lips whilst you sleep.
And that's it, the most simple way to survive a cold or flu this winter with your sanity, and beautiful soft skin, intact! What's the most annoying thing about a cold or flu? We'd love to know your thoughts. Jenna @ Botáni x

natural remedies for cold and flu symptoms

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