Men's Natural Skincare

Men's Natural Skincare: Botani For Men

Men's Natural Skincare
We are often asked in we have a men's natural skincare range. At the moment we have not produced a separate range that caters specifically to the needs of men. Instead, our multipurpose range of natural skincare is suitable for all sexes, ages and ethnicities.

Men's natural skincare favourites

1. Eco-Clear Body Bar

This soap-free body bar is great for body acne and also helps to reduce body odour with naturally antibacterial Lemon Scented Tea Tree.

2. Olive Cleansing Bar

For the more sensitive man, or for those who like to use a soap bar as a shampoo - this body bar will be your shower go-to. Also lathers up beautifully for shaving!

3. 5-in-1 PhytoBody Wash

Our 'one product wonder'
  • Body wash
  • Shampoo (great for kids, too!)
  • Hand wash
  • Bubble bath
  • Shaving gel
With all-natural surfactants (derived from Coconut - no nasty toxins like SLS/sulphates)- it is naturally moisturising! One word of warning.

4. Skin Rescue Kit - Men's Natural Skincare Pack!

A fabulous value pack with all the men's natural skincare must-haves! It contains:
  • Purify Facial Cleanser, that removes daily dirt and grime - and also doubles up as a natural shaving gel.
  • Rescue Acne Cream that isn't just for pesky pimples - it has natural healing and soothing properties which are great to tackle shaving irritations and redness.
  • Boost Balancing Moisturiser - the invisible hydrating cream! It glides on with a lovely matte feel (no shiny look/feel) - absorbing right it whilst leaving your skin feeling so deeply nourished all day. With naturally antibacterial Lemon Scented Tea Tree - it's also great for those prone to the odd spot or blemish every now and then.

5. Heal 'Tradie Hands' with Olive Hand & Body Cream

We find many men come to us with cracked, dry and overworked hands. Obviously this is a problem that anyone can have (not just men!). In particular, if your hands are cracked,- you probably want to be avoiding toxic chemicals present in handwashes and hand creams. Finding something that's natural and effective is key! Oh - and without the greasy feel! You can have a look at the 5 star reviews this product has had over the years - definitely a winner with its natural, healing oils that don't cause 'sticky hands'. Do you have a special man in your life (or are you a man) that could do with some natural skincare? What's one product you're most looking forward to trying?