Best Natural Face Moisturisers Never Cause This Really Common Problem

Have you ever had this happen? 

You put your moisturiser on, and it feels ok at first. Then you notice it is sitting like a layer of extra skin you could scrape off with your fingers. Either that or when you run your hand down your face, the product ‘pills’ and comes off in little balls.

This happens for two reasons; firstly because you’re not applying moisturiser to fresh, clean skin, and secondly because you’re not using the best natural face moisturiser. Both will prevent the product from being absorbed so it sits in your skin and can be rolled into ‘globs’. 

Getting the most out of your moisture routine takes a little investment and a little prep.

Here’s how to avoid ending up wearing moisturiser that pills or peels off your face: 


#1 Proper preparation 

Even the best quality moisturisers need a little help to do their best job. If your face isn’t clean, it’s hard for the product to penetrate the skin and do its best work. 

Preparing your complexion is as simple as using a quality cleanser before you apply your moisturiser. This will wash away any lingering makeup or other products and remove excess oils on your skin.

A gentle cleanser like Botani’s Purify Facial Cleanser is a great place to start. This natural product has antiseptic properties from Australian lemon-scented tea tree oil (and it smells great). 

If you have sensitive skin, try Botani’s Olive Soothing Cream Cleanser. This cleanser is specifically formulated to gently cleanse sensitive, easily irritated skin while washing away impurities, pollutants and water-based makeup.

Remember to exfoliate regularly as well. We recommend a weekly treatment with Botani’s Exfoliating Facial Scrub. This will draw out impurities and remove dead skin without stripping your skin's natural oil.  

A good preparation routine will have your skin ready to make the most of your moisturiser. You’ll avoid the pilling effect, especially if you stay away from cheap moisturiser and use the best natural face moisturiser. 

#2 Look for quality ingredients

When it comes to moisturisers, what’s most important is not price but ingredients. You need to find the sweet spot between cheap supermarket products and overpriced products that have you paying for the brand name, rather than what’s in the jar. 

An ingredient to avoid if you want to skip the ‘pilling’ effect is silicon. This can act to fill crevices and be a primer for your makeup. However, too much will result in the product sitting on your face and not being absorbed. 

Talc, iron oxide, mica, and fluorphlogopite (which is a thickening agent) are other ingredients that can cause cheap moisturisers to pill.

Some ingredients that will be more effective include: 

  • Glycerin, which will attract water and hold onto it so your skin stays moist
  • Olive leaf extract to protect the skin from free radicals and soothe irritated skin
  • Jojoba seed oil and/or grapefruit seed extract to help replenish healthy skin

You will want your moisturiser to include a natural emollient like olive squalane as well. Emollients work to soothe and treat irritation, while hydrating dry skin and balancing out oily skin. 

Try our beautiful day and night Olive Repair Cream and you’ll notice how quickly it is absorbed, leaving your skin feeling fresh and hydrated. 

#3 Check your application

A too-thick layer of moisturiser won’t be absorbed by your skin so if you are using a quality product and putting too much on, you’ll get the pilling effect. 

We recommend you use a pea-sized amount when applying Botani moisturisers. 

#4 Don’t layer too many products

Leave a gap between applying your moisturiser and putting your makeup on, to give the moisturiser time to soak in. 

A final tip is to check if you are using a mix of oil and water-based products. Sometimes the makeup you apply will ‘disagree’ with your moisturiser. You’ll get the pilling problem because your makeup won’t sit on your face over the other products you have applied. 

Choose the best natural face moisturiser


Don’t waste money on silicon-heavy supermarket products and cheap moisturiser that will peel and pill. You’re better off investing in a quality product (don’t pay hundreds of dollars) with natural ingredients.

The outcome of the best natural face moisturiser isn’t just avoiding pilling. It’s giving yourself the treatments your skin needs to look fresh and clear, and feel hydrated every day.

Choose a natural face moisturiser like Botani’s Boost Balancing Moisturiser or Olive Repair Cream, to get the best results from natural ingredients.