Benzoyl Peroxide For Acne

Side Effects Of Using Benzoyl Peroxide For Acne

Benzoyl Peroxide For Acne

Benzoyl Peroxide side effects you should know when it comes to treating acne. Is this pimple-killing king hurting your skin? Many over the counter acne solutions contain one common ingredient: Benzoyl Peroxide. As you may have already worked out, this comes from the 'peroxide' family, a potent bleaching agent. Also used in the plastics industry.€¯

Benzoyl Peroxide To Help Acne

For acne it works by reducing the bacteria in the skin by causing the skin to dry and pee, forcing the epidermis to regenerate new, bacteria-free skin cells.€¯ It takes into account only one small part of the picture, yes it eliminates bacteria at the source but at what cost. By over-drying the skin and killing the natural oils which form part of the skin's protective barrier, skin cannot function healthily. Healthy skin cell turnover is affected, and the skin struggles to replenish its protective barrier made up of squalene and sweat to protect against further bacterial damage.€¯ And so the cycle continues, as you see in so many acne sufferers. Pimples appear, Benzoyl Peroxide dries skin, skin peels and flakes, skin is inflamed, red, sore, skin cannot repair, and the symptoms of acne reappear.€¯

Side Effects€¯ Of Acne Products

I learnt the hard way! Most of us don't bother reading the small writing on a skin care preparation. We trust it's mild enough not to cause a significant problem. I wish that were the case! I'll never forget when I was around 15 years old; I had two small pimples on either side of my cheeks. Although I had perfect skin overall, I was self-conscious. So I purchased an over the counter mild acne cream 2.5% strength Benzoyl Peroxide sold in the acne or 'teen skin' area in pharmacies, this was the most gentle strength available. I applied it on both pimples and not long after, I ended up with BLISTERS on my inner cheeks. It had burned right through my skin. I was in total shock and disbelief, and it scarred me mentally and physically for many years. The scars are no longer noticeable thanks to the Olive Skin Serum.€¯

Benzoyl Peroxide Side Effects

    • Dry or peeling skin may occur after a few days.
    • Skin feels warm; mild stinging, skin looks red.
    • Skin feels sore or irritated may blister, burn, crust, itch, become very red, or swell.
    • Skin rash.
  • Unknown effects of pregnancy/breastfeeding mothers.

Worryingly, over the years as I have told my 'Benzoyl Peroxide blister horror story' it seems as though so many other people have had similar reactions. From bleaching clothing to burning skin to painful, itchy rashes.€¯ Even more worrying are the long-term effects of Benzoyl Peroxide on the body.€¯ Studies have shown Benzoyl Peroxide to stimulate free radicals and cause oxidative stress on cells and damage DNA, which may lead to potential illnesses and diseases.

Natural Acne Cream

Our founder, Barbara was passionate about developing a natural acne cream. Working with many acne sufferers in her naturopathy practice, she saw the debilitating mental effects it had on them. Botani Rescue Acne Cream is a 100% botanical solution proven to reduce pimples and help calm redness. Instead of forcing the skin to peel, it is compatible with the skin pH, making the effective herbs even more effective at killing various types of bacteria lurking when acne is present.€¯ It has also been stringently tested for your safety and is TGA listed. Botani Rescue Acne Cream can be used safely on large areas of skin, such as the whole T-zone without burning.€¯ I would also suggest taking a holistic view of acne. Have a look at your lifestyle and consider supplementing with Zilch Acne herbal tablets based on Chinese Medicine and TGA listed.

Ladies, gentlemen and kids, there are safer and more effective ways to treat your acne than Benzoyl Peroxide solutions. As practical as it may be, side effects are common, and the long-term damage is indeed not worth it, the actual damage we may not know for decades to come. Do you have had any adverse reactions to Benzoyl peroxide products? Or perhaps other acne products? What will you try next?

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