Benefits Of Soothing Facial Mist

Benefits Of Soothing Facial Mist - Sprays That Will Transform Your Skin This Summer

Soothing Facial Mist

Help! Summers coming! #4 - How your skin can benefit from using a facial mist

How do I avoid having red, hot, flustered looking skin in summer? Just because the weather heats up, that doesn't necessarily mean that we slow down. In fact, I often find I'm trying to squeeze more into long summer days, which means I'm often sporting a hot, sweaty, red, flustered look - how attractive! But I'm guessing I'm not the only one and that's why this week I'm sharing my ultimate secret in maintaining fresh, dewy skin all summer long, Botáni's Soothing Facial Mist. So what exactly is a facial mist and how can they benefit my skin? With so many great benefits I'm guessing you're wondering how you survived without this multi-tasking skin savior for so long!