Restore Your Skin After A Summer Of Late Nights

How To Restore Your Skin After A Summer Of Late Nights

Restore Your Skin

If you have been skimping on quality sleep, you may be wondering how to restore your skin after a summer of late nights. We've reached the final summer skincare sin, and I can assure you it is something we are all guilty of too many late nights. Whether it's a dinner with friends that turns into a 5-hour catch-up session, staying up to see the New Year fireworks or watching a movie on TV that goes until 1:30 am because I don't have to get up early for work the next day. Late nights tend to become a bit of a trend for me over my summer break.

How To Restore Your Skin

As enjoyable as all these activities are at the time, my skin reflects a different story in the morning. Ever heard the saying "the bags under my eyes are a designer" well it's become a daily catch phrase for me! We've nearly reached the end of February and the official end to summer, so it's about time I got my sleeping habits back in order and my complexion back on track. Time to bring in my five essential tips to getting your skin back on track.

Cut It Back

A tough one after a summer full of brunches at the café and cocktails in the beer garden, but reducing your alcohol and coffee intake has massive benefits for your skin. If you can cut or eliminate your consumption for even just a few weeks, you will see the results of glowing skin.

Get Physical

Remember that New Year's resolution to complete a 5km fun run? What about that gym membership you're paying $20 a week for and not using? Now's the time to make the most of these goals and get active! Physical activity improves circulation and gets fresh blood pumping around your body, aka the perfect combo for a glowing, dewy complexion!

Soak It Up

Give yourself a bit of pamper time that doubles to reduce dark under eye circles and bags. Soaking your eyes with a chamomile tea bag or fresh cut cucumber will assist to soothe your eye area, calming inflammation and redness.

Dream On

This one's pretty simple! Make sure you're clocking at least 8 hours of decent, uninterrupted sleep time every night. Your body uses this time to restore itself, and that includes your skin. Give it a helping hand to wake up glowing!

Help Out

Add eye creams into your routine in times of little sleep to help perk up your complexion. Botani's Rescue Eye Treatment is a great option that works to eliminate both puffiness and dark under eye circles. Apply in the morning to pep your eyes up for the day, and apply at night to assist your body's natural restoration process. Jam-packed with natural plant actives that provide essential nutrition to your skin and promote healing, the Rescue Eye Treatment is a must in every skin care routine. Who would have thought making five simple changes could be such a help to refreshing your complexion! Jenna @ Botani x
Restore Your Skin With Botani

Restore Your Skin With Botani

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Getting healthier skin is that simple!

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