De-Clutter Your Beauty Cabinet

How To De-Clutter Your Beauty Cabinet In 7 Easy Steps

De-Clutter Your Beauty

That refreshing summer-is-coming aroma of Spring is a timely reminder to de-clutter the house, catch up on some pruning and planting in the garden, and clean those dusty cobwebs hanging high up in the stairwell. It's also an excellent opportunity to analyse your cluttered bathroom cabinet (and if you're anything like me - your handbag and makeup bag, too)!

How To Perform A Beauty Spring Clean

  1. Check expiry dates

Cosmetic products are not required by law to have expiry dates listed - but it is best practice. You'll find any brand that's worth using has an expiry date printed or stamped somewhere on the product. Your beauty spring clean is not just about tossing products away. No one wants to use bacteria-laden products that might cause a reaction! Throw everything out that's expired and for anything that has less than three months left, place it at the front of your drawer as a daily reminder to use up!

  1. Discard all products in jars that you've had for more than two years

Most jarred products should have (in addition to expiry date) a 'once opened, use within X' date. Look for the open lid symbol on the packaging. Because formulas packaged in jars are subject to more oxidisation (and grubby fingers), pay more attention to how long you've owned the product. A well-formulated product that is safety tested, like the Olive Repair Cream, should be well preserved, stable and safety tested. If you have a product with no expiry or other 'once opened, use within X' date indications, you can be sure the effectiveness will dwindle over time, and you risk bacterial contamination.

  1. Have I used this in the last six months?

Just like when you're auditing your wardrobe (kudos to those of you who perform this task seasonally!), ask yourself if you've used this product in the last six months. If you haven't - face it - you're not GOING TO use it! If it's still in good shape (and not expired) - give it to someone who might find it useful (I usually ship my stuff to my mum and sister who are bathroom-product-serial-collectors).

  1. WILL I use this in the next four months?

There are always products you keep that are not everyday products. Maybe it's that fake tan that you use to frequent that one wedding you have per year. And that's fine (as long as it's in date). BUT, if you haven't used it for the last six months AND you have no specific use for it in the next four months - pass it on!
  1. Gather any sachets/sample pots and put them in your toiletry bag that you take away with you on trips

I seem to collect little sample sachets - I subscribe to the Retreat Yourself boxes and usually try to snap up Flora & Fauna's seasonal boxes (I missed out on the Spring one - they sold out in a couple of days!), so I have lovely little sachets that I tend to stash into my bathroom drawers. Well, they're not going to get used there! If you have some lying around, too, gather them and pop them into your toiletry bag/case - ready for the next time you take a trip! You might even surprise yourself and fall in love with a new product!

  1. Do a stock count!

Your beauty Spring clean is an excellent opportunity to check how you're going with items you use all the time. Your shampoo, body wash, your fave moisturiser etc. I was stranded without conditioner last month, and that is not a good feeling for someone with thick, curly long hair. I ended up using out of desperation my kids' 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioner, but it didn't cut it. Also, a great time to stock up on your sunscreen. Sunscreen is essential for the summer, especially with taking the kids to the park, beach etc. Make a list of the things you're running low / out of, and then follow step 7 below!

  1. The best part of your beauty Spring clean - SHOP!

Buy/replace the items you need. I love nothing more than buying new products. But I also hate clutter! So when I'm buying a product to replace something that I've run out of (or about to), it sends my credit hard a-hiding! That's why I get EXTRA excited if something I need is also on sale - so ladies and gents - you'll be super happy to know that we have a little Spring-cleaning happening of our own at Botani (well, I talked my way into giving you guys a discount on some of our Springtime must-haves)! Spring-clean your face and body with 20% off the Radiant Rose Mask (spa in a jar, anyone?), Spirulina Salt Scrub (detox-a-licious), and the Olive Hand & Body Cream (because after all that cleaning, you have to give some TLC to those poor hands!).

So, let us know how you go with your Spring beauty clean-out. Do you have any tips of your own to share?

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