Summer Dry Skin Tips

Beach Proof Your Skin With Our Summer Dry Skin Tips

Summer Dry Skin Tips

If you're like me, mid-30s weather on the weekend means it's time to head to the beach. And while I am quite privy to a day spent enjoying the sun and surf, sometimes my skin and hair just isn't! Returning from a day at the beach my skin is usually dry, my hair is a frazzled mess and on the worst occasions, I've managed to bring home some painful sunburn. After years of managing this post-beach look I have tried everything under the sun to repair my dry skin and hair (pun intended) and can now share with you my ultimate summer dry skin tips:


After being outside all day chances are you have skimped on the H2O. Begin to replenish your hydration levels ASAP after visiting the beach (even better if you replenish throughout the day) - this will not only help prevent dehydration but will restore moisture levels that are crucial to avoiding dry skin.


It is crucial to slip, slop, slap when your planning a day at the beach, but even then we have all had those days when we return home looking like a lobster. To help soothe the sting of sunburn apply some fresh aloe vera pulp to the skin as required. Once the burning sensation has subsided ensure to moisturize the skin daily with a nourishing natural cream to avoid dry, flaky skin (like the Olive Repair Cream).


There's nothing worse than the day after visiting the beach when all the pimples start to emerge. It is crucial to thoroughly cleanse your face after a day at the beach as sweat and sunscreen can clog your pores (try the Purify Facial Cleanser). It's also a great idea to apply an acne cream to any congested areas/developing breakouts to avoid any painful, inflamed pimples popping up (give the Rescue Acne Cream a go).


the combination of sun, sand and salt water can be very drying to the skin. To avoid dry skin and possible skin irritations and sensitivities, ensure to apply a deeply hydrating moisturiser to your skin before and after visiting the beach. Botáni's Coconut Glow Body & Hair Oil is perfect for beach days as it's formulation features Coconut, Cranberry and Avocado Oils that both nourish and protect the skin from moisture loss. Plus the non-greasy, lightweight body oil has a delicious Coconut Lime scent perfect for the beach.


just like your skin a day at the beach can be pretty harsh on your hair. Prevent dry hair and frizzy fly aways by treating your hair to a leave-in treatment when you return from the beach. This will restore essential nutrients and moisture to the hair leaving it smooth, soft and shining. The best bit? You can apply the Coconut Glow Body & Hair Oil to both your body and hair to save time and money on your treatment! That means more time on the beach! Now there's no excuse not to experience soft, smooth, glowing skin! Time to say goodbye to dry skin and hair this summer, and get out there and enjoy that sunshine. Jenna @ Botáni x

summer dry skin tips

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