Be Sensitive On Sensitive Skin

SENSITIVE SKIN TIP 2 - Assess your stress.

We all get stressed. That's a simple fact of life. Things can't be happy and dandy all the time - after all we wouldn't be able to recognize the good times without having the bad as a comparison, right? But stress is something you shouldn't become too comfortable living with. Especially if you have sensitive skin

When we're under stress, our bodies are far from relaxed or 'at ease'. They're the opposite of that, in fact they're unrelaxed and 'dis-eased'. And like any disease we suffer, our bodies respond to let us know all's not quite right. For some, a disease can manifest as a lump or clot, for some it can manifest as an ache or pain.

When it comes to stress, one of the most common ways the disease rears its ugly head is through our skin. I know that when I'm stressed, my sensitive skin breaks out in a rash much like a prison escapee! If under the pump at work or experiencing dramas at home, our skin often mirrors the chaos going on inside with a physical indicator on the outside.

Aside from not wanting to feel the painful emotions that accompany stress, I no longer want to experience the skin that comes with it. That's why when I feel the slightest bit stressed I turn to a collection of tried and tested outlets - it's not called an outlet for nothing after all, it's a way to 'let' something 'out'.

Find what it is for you that will turn that frown upside down, that sadness into joy, that stress into serenity. Go for a walk, read a book, drink a cup of herbal tea. For me, I've found that music can immediately shift my spirits and indulging in a massage is the quickest way to unwind. Whatever it is, you need to find what it is for you that will reduce your stress and in return, reduce the sensitivity of your skin

While I am the first to sing the praises of Botani's treatment-focused range, why not consider something that doesn't come in a bottle next time your skin flares up. Something priceless - less stress.

It's certainly worked wonders for my sensitive skin ... and my body doesn't mind the odd relaxing massage either!

Michaela @ Botani x