Olive Skin Serum In Your Bath

Olive Skin Serum In Your Bath

Olive Skin Serum In Your Bath

Have you enjoyed the luxury of adding our olive skin serum in your bath? One of our Botani team members, Sandra who is currently 30 weeks pregnant with her second bambino, shared with us several remarkable discoveries about our legendary Olive Skin Serum to help her through her pregnancy. I thought you would like to hear about them too. As you can imagine, finding the time to have a bath is a luxury, especially when you are a busy working mum with a very active toddler roaring around. But Sandra finally found some quiet time to enjoy a relaxing bath. How incredible is that moment when you first slip into a warm bath?! Mmmmm, Bliss!

Luxury In Your Bath

Our founder, Barbara had always said to us "try the Olive Skin Serum in your bath; you'll love it!" Sandra finally did, as you can see by the picture above!) and said the results were terrific. She added six drops to her bath and, after eventually getting out of the tub, not the easiest thing to do with a 30-week bump. Sandra noticed how super soft and hydrated her skin felt. She used the serum in her son's bath too and saw how smooth his skin was after. The Olive Skin Serum has not only been a winner in the tub but for 'mum on the go' Sandra, she has loved that it's also a one-stop-shop for the morning preparation - primer and moisturiser in one.

And for anyone who has had a baby, you might remember how itchy your growing belly gets during pregnancy! That skin has to do some serious stretching, and the Olive Skin Serum has been her go to treatment to make sure her stomach stays hydrated to reduce the itchiness.

Olive Skin Serum

Our Olive Skin Serum contains 99.7% Squalene which naturally occurs in our skin. Olive Squalene is one of nature's best skin hydrators. It's bio-compatible with, and quickly absorbs into the skin - this little multipurpose serum also cannot only provide long-lasting hydration, but it also reduces redness, calms irritated skin, reduces scarring and encourages healing. The things you learn over the water cooler in the office.

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