Ways To Fight Sun Damage

Save Your Youthful Skin: Ways To Fight Sun Damage

Fight Sun Damage

Are you paranoid about wrinkles, fine lines or age spots? If you are you might be interested in reading this article about how to fight sun damage the natural way which will help keep your skin youthful and avoid sun damage this summer.

The Dark Side Of Fight Sun Damage

Australians and sun have a reputation for going together. It's a hard connection to deny when most of us live within a mere 50km of the coastline. As beautiful as it is to live up to this reputation and spend time basking our skin in the sun, sun damage is one of the biggest foes for youthful, healthy skin.

Born Ready To Tackle Sun Damage

I've mentioned before that I come from the Sunshine State. I'm reasonably confident Queenslanders are born with a wide-brim hat in one hand and sunscreen in the other. Most Aussies will know the worst-case scenarios of prolonged overexposure to sun leading to skin cancers. But now and then the day will be too good to stop yourself from running outside and working on achieving the elusive golden skin, right? Wrong! Each time you expose yourself to the sun, your skin's suffering will present itself by speeding up the process.

Stealing Your Youth

The golden colour our skin gets from tanning is actually skin showing signs of damage. Whether or not you can see it, you're playing Dorian Gray with your looks - you're stealing from looking good tomorrow to enjoy today! And tomorrow will catch up with you. Last year, these UV light photos achieved some fame for portraying the sun does to skin that we can't see. They're a great visual reminder that the damage is there, even if we can't see it.

Avoid Sun Damage The Natural Way

Choose a quality natural, mineral-based sunscreen. Make sure you find a broad-spectrum sunscreen - this means it protects from both the sun's UVA and UVB rays. UVA will penetrate profoundly and age your skin while the UVB will quickly burn your outer layer. Use skin care products that will protect you from damage! Botáni's Acai Berry Active Antioxidant Serum is not only great at calming irritated skin and repairing damage, packed with antioxidants that assist your skin in forming a highly effective shield and providing protection from UV exposure. Use daily for the most robust defence against sun damage.

Hydrate Your Skin To Fight Sun Damage

Summertime also means exposure to salt water and chlorine as well as sun damage. Make sure you use moisturisers to compensate for what your skin is losing. We recommend Boost Balancing Moisturiser your face (great under makeup), and our moisturising PhytoBody Wash for the rest! As always, the two things that can never be said enough - if you have a skin concern, seek early advice from your doctor, and enjoy the sunshine, but don't overdo it! Stay young and healthy; cleanse, treat and hydrate!

acai berry to fight sun damage

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