An Easy Solution to Get Your Glow On with Instant Hydration

An Easy Solution to Get Your Glow On with Instant Hydration

The Botani skin serum

Did we say "instant" hydration? Yes absolutely. The Botani skin serum delivers immediate hydration through the simple application of powerful ingredients. There's no further need for time consuming routines with sub-standard skin results. We have the perfect 'multi-tasking', skin loving, best serum for glowing skin.

We believe it's the best skin serum, as it also works hard for you as a clear skin serum and skin repair serum that will work on any skin type - even oily skin. The ingredients are the perfect combination to renew your skin.

Giving you Back Control over your Appearance

Being exposed to varying weather conditions, air conditioning and lifestyle choices, can all create a negative impact on your skin. Normal living conditions and ageing are outside of your control, leaving you searching for a skin serum to give you back a youthful appearance or solve your skin problems.

Further, hormonal changes can alter your skin, resulting in dry, acne prone or dull skin. You may even feel like you are ageing too quickly!

Here at Botani, we know these are daily on-going concerns for many people and this led us on a journey to formulate a natural skincare product that is free of mineral oils, toxic chemicals, is vegan certified, has organic ingredients and is cruelty-free. The result - the Botani Olive Skin Serum which has rave reviews from our many happy customers. Rich in olive squalene (not squalane) to give you an instant boost in hydration, you'll notice a visible difference.

"Just after one use as an overnight serum I felt a very big change in my skin, it was more hydrated, plumper and smoother, I've never seen such immediate results after one use! I use it now every night and this is now a staple in my beauty regime. Would not hesitate to purchase this again" - Joy - 05/11/2015 (not sure on using this blog as its quite old)

"I really love this product. Even my husband, who has very sensitive skin uses it twice a week. It makes visible difference and we both enjoying its elegant and delicate smell." Inga - 26/03/2019 (not sure on this blog also)

A Face Serum for Dry Skin

Did you know that your own body produces squalene but that your squalene levels drop between the ages of 30 and 40? Given that the role of squalene as it relates to your skin, is to act as an antioxidant, emollient and hydrator, it's a critical ingredient to stop you getting dry skin & to protect your skin from oxidative damage (peroxidation).

What you'll love about the Botani Skin Serum is the key, powerful ingredient squalene. It's the perfect product for those of you who have dry skin, damaged skin, need help with acne, scarring, pigmentation or want a serum to make your skin glow.

Skin Brightening Serum for an Even Tone

For those of you who would like to balance your skin tone, you'll want to put the Olive Skin Serum to work.

It makes sense that such a powerful skin serum would also be used as a skin whitening serum due to the antioxidant value of combining squalene, vitamin E and vitamin C.

Get Started with the Best Skin Serum

We know you, like many before you, will love the Botani Olive Skin Serum and the benefits you'll derive from it.

With a potent mix that's designed to nourish, restore and protect your skin, why wait? Buy the Olive Skin Serum today and get back to the glowing skin you crave.