Are You Over Acne

Are You Over Acne: The 3 Skin Care Tips That Will Save Your Skin

Over Acne

The skin care tips I wish I had of known when I was 16 years old. Working at a natural skin care company I hear stories daily of teens who are struggling with acne prone, oily skin - it's a skin condition that causes me quite a lot of heartache as I can empathise with what they are going through.

I spent the better part of my teenage years battling with combination skin, acne and pimples, and to this day I still suffer from breakouts (I'm now in my mid-20s). Unfortunately, like me, most people are affected by acne at a time when they are most vulnerable and self-conscious. During the years when my skin was at its worst, my acne was not only physically painful and uncomfortable but also caused me to be embarrassed and reclusive from social situations.

So what would skin care tips would I share if I could go back and talk to 16-year-old me?

Skin Care Tip 1: Do Your Homework

You are going to be bombarded with acne products and skin treatment options that will claim to get rid of your acne overnight, and sadly most won't be right! Some products will even come with some pretty uncomfortable side effects. Save yourself a lot of money and disappointment and make sure you do your research into what acne treatment products are best for you and your skin.

Skin Care Tip 2: Give Your Skin A Break

As hard as it is to hear, sometimes you just need to leave your skin to do what it needs to do! Continually poking, prodding, picking and squeezing is not going to help your skin it's more likely to spread infection and lead to scarring. This goes for cleansing too, even though you may have oily skin, cleaning it every hour isn't going to help. In fact, it's only going to make your skin produce more oil.

Skin Care Tip 3: Keep Your Cool

I know you won't believe me, but in a few years, you're going to look back and wonder why you gave yourself such a hard time! Acne and pimples are part and parcel of being a teenager, and most people will be experiencing the same things as you. Try your best not to let it get to you and to enjoy your time as a teenager - trust me it's one of the best times in your life and five years you'll be wishing you could go back to being 16!

Oh, and one last little thing to 16-year-old me - go out and buy yourself Botáni's Rescue Acne Cream. Its natural skin treatment formulation will be gentle on your skin and help to treat pimples, blemishes and blackheads. It's suitable for all skin types, including oily skin and combination skin, and is TGA listed, so you know it's been thoroughly safety tested. What's even better is it's been proven to have a 99.99% kill rate on the bacteria that causes acne (P.Acne). Want further proof? Check out the fantastic results from Botáni's 4 Week Acne Trial.

Botani Products For Acne

You can also enjoy a pretty awesome saving by buying the Botáni Skin Rescue Kit. This kit offers a complete skin treatment system for acne prone, combination skin. It includes the Purify Facial Cleanser, Rescue Acne Cream and Boost Balancing Moisturiser.

Got a question about acne and the skin care tips to treat it? Ask away below!

Jenna @ Botáni x

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