Natural Body Care Items

4 Natural Body Care Items To Try This September

Natural Body Care Items

Are you ready for Spring? Are you prepared to come out of hibernation and start embracing the sun once again? More importantly is your skin ready to abandon the safety of coats, gloves and long coverings? We're here this week with a few natural body care items to help you embrace the spring cleaning season, aka the summer sun preparation. If the sunny seasons have caught you off-guard this year, don't worry, we've got some tips for body care accessories that go great with Botáni skin care products.

Botani's Natural Body Care Items

1. Konjac Sponge

If your skin demands a gentle body care routine, then you might want to try a konjac sponge. Softer than a body scrub, they are perfect for sensitive skin. They make for a great talking point, trust me you'll be typing "what is konjac" into Google. As with Botáni, they are great on the environment and are infant-friendly as well. I use a couple of the Kuu Konjac, an Australian company range at home with my PhytoBody Wash, and find that they're designed, so you only need the tiniest amount to get the best body wash results! Just remember to keep them dry or microwave them every once in a while. Added Benefit: Great for applying our PhytoBody Wash as a natural shaving cream. Father's Day suggestions, anyone?

2. Agave Cloth

An agave cloth is one body care item that might even find its way into other parts of your home. Our healthy readers might know agave as a vegan 'honey', while other readers may know it as the plant responsible for tequila. But this cloth, made from the ever, slightly abrasive threads of the agave plant, is great to use to remove our Exfoliating 2 in 1 Scrub & Mask, or after showering with our Eco-Clear Body Bar, for natural exfoliation. I'm using mine at home with the Botáni Facial Cleanser for a quick routine to get rid of bumps and dead skin on the face while saving the 2 in 1 Scrub & Mask for those mornings when I'm not rushing out the door to be on time for something! Added Benefit: If you're getting one, why not get a second to use as a natural bathroom or kitchen scrubbing cloth!

3. Coconut Scrub Pad

A coconut scrub pad might be the cheapest way to give your feet some natural body care love! Seriously scratchy, the foot and body brushing scrub pad by Safix will let your feet know it's open sandal season is approaching fast! You can add this one to your current foot care routine. Rub your Botáni Spirulina Salt Scrub in with the coconut scrub pad instead of by hand.

4. Eco-Clear Body Bar

We may be just a little biased, but our Eco-Clear Body Bar is a great way to get skin care ready this spring! A great weapon against fungal infections like tinea, you won't need to wear a full suit of armour the next time you brave the gym or pool change rooms. Our natural body care bar is also useful as a non-irritating treatment against body acne. Australian lemon scented Tea Tree oil works as a delightfully scented antiseptic, so you get the most out of our petrochemical free and non-drying soap bar. What have we missed? Have you got any skin care accessory recommendations that go well with your Botáni range that we should know about? Or maybe you've tried one of my suggestions and wanted to share your thoughts. Warwick @ Botani 

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