Travel Skin Care Tips

Travel Skin Care Tips That Will Make Your Holiday Packing Simple

Travel Skin Care Tips

Help! Summers coming! #6 - Skin care tips for happy travels Help! How do I simplify my skincare routine ready for travel this Christmas? It's always hard packing for travel, particularly when you're trying to keep within airline weight restrictions (it can be hard to compromise on those 5 pairs of shoes that you will absolutely need at your summer holiday destination!) This year I'm off on a mini summer vacation and am being bound by a carry-on baggage allowance€¦eeek! Ok, so I'm maybe going to have to cull a couple of pairs of those shoes, but here are my top 5 travelling necessities that I absolutely cannot do without:

  1. A great book - there is nothing better than spending a summer day enjoying the sunshine and getting absorbed in a great book, plus they can help to absorb those hours spent at the airport or on the plane.
  2. Suncare essentials - No matter what, there is always space in my bag for a kaftan, hat, sunnies and sunscreen - summer holidays are fun, summer holiday sunburn is not.
  3. A shoulder bag - because there is nothing worse than lugging your full handbag around on holiday - trust me you won't need your diary, or your umbrella, or your backup stockings€¦
  4. A fabulous party dress - you never know what can happen on summer holiday! Don't be caught out having to wear your sandy, sunscreen soaked summer dress to an evening event.
  5. A simple travel skincare kit - this is a must for comfortable travel and I simply could not do without Botáni's Smart Travel Hydration Pack.
The Smart Travel Hydration Pack contains three key Botáni essentials, Soothing Facial Mist, Olive Skin Serum & Healing Lip Balm, which have all your skin hydration needs covered! What I love about it is that it's packaged in a convenient travel bag that you can simply chuck in your cosmetics bag, straight in your suitcase or even in your carry-on bag. All three products have multi-purpose benefits which makes skincare super simple when you are travelling, plus they are great for a revitalizing pick me up during long distance travel. So now it's just to figure out which shoes to leave behind€¦ What are the necessities that you couldn't travel without? Share your ideas below. Jenna @ Botáni x

travel skin care tips

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Getting your skin ready for summer is that simple!

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