Toxic Free Minimalist Makeup Look

How To Master The Toxic Free Minimalist Makeup Look

Toxic Free Minimalist Makeup Look

To achieve the minimalist makeup look all you require are a few multipurpose, natural beauty products. A minimalist approach to life as well as cosmetics can make your life less complicated, less time consuming, and hence more enjoyable. Minimalism is one of today's buzzwords. If it's new to you, I highly recommend watching the Minimalism doco. For me, it was refreshing to hear about this way of life, and I've personally 'simplified' and 'de-cluttered' myself and increased 'me time'. Minimalist makeup is one of the most natural first steps you can take.

Minimalist Makeup

I've always loved the natural makeup look; there's something special about using makeup to boost your natural beauty (and perhaps hide those late-night dark circles, too). Recent catwalk shows featured Minimalist Makeup looks, with Lanvin showcasing "glowing skin and the softest sprinkling of glitter on the eyelids." We also witnessed makeup maestro Rae Morris showcase a 'No Makeup' Makeup Look for Priceline. Time to declutter that makeup bag. You only need a few good quality, versatile items to achieve different looks and care for your skin at the same time.

Makeup is one of the top perpetrators of toxic ingredients, so I wanted to show you how to achieve this look using natural, toxic-free products that are better for your body, health and the environment. So, with the help of my little sister, thanks Amanda, I walk you through how to achieve this quick, easy and fresh minimalist makeup look that's great for all ages and skin types (and one that lets your skin breathe - rather than become suffocated by petroleum-based liquid foundations).

How To Choose Natural, Toxin-Free Makeup

With so many 'green' makeup choices around, with vegan, natural, toxin-free ingredients, we're spoilt for choice these days, and there is no need to use products filled with toxic petrochemicals, drying talc or worrying GMO ingredients. Have a look at Flora & Fauna; they are an eco-friendly online store that stocks heaps of natural makeup options including Inika. I still urge you to do your research and audit your ingredients. For your loose mineral makeup, look for something that has a small ingredient list free from toxins and nanoparticles. You may need to contact the company to check the latter.

Minimalist Makeup Step 1: Skincare Preparation

Minimalist Makeup Step 2: Creating A Natural Liquid Foundation

This is how to create a natural liquid foundation that's good for your skin. Mix 2 drops of Olive Skin Serum with a small amount of a loose, mineral foundation. I've used Youngblood here in Soft Beige, which is a great neutral colour for medium skin tones. If it feels too oily, add more powder it should feel smooth to spread but not greasy.

Apply sparingly, starting in the centre of the face which is where most of our blemishes are, and work your way out. You should be applying hardly any product near the hairline and in a very light motion. Remember, we're not masking your face, we are merely making it look evener. Optional: apply a light dusting of the mineral pigment to the t-zone. I have done this for Amanda as she has combination skin and can get oily from time to time.

Toxic Free Minimalist Makeup Look

Minimalist Makeup Step 3: Finishing Touches

For the finishing touches of a natural blush and lip tint use a loose mineral pigment to apply to the apple of the cheeks and also as a natural lip colour. I've chosen Inika Loose Mineral Blush in Peachy Keen as it's a fresh tone that looks great on the cheeks and the lips. And for a minimalist makeup look, we don't want to stray too far from the skin's natural lip and blush colour. For the cheeks, and I beg you, please only use a few specks of mineral pigment! They're very concentrated, and a little goes a long way!

Smile so we can see when the apple of your cheeks are, and apply in a light, outward motion, where your cheeks would naturally blush. For lips mix it with the Healing Lip Balm for a fresh, natural lip tint. Oh, the last thing, give your brows a quick brush to keep them neat and frame your face! Here is the full tutorial in this video: The Minimalist Makeup Look with Botani Skincare from Botani on Vimeo.

Want to turn your look up a notch? Use a pop of colour on your lip. My fav at the moment is Hanami Vegan Lipstick. It's long-lasting, hydrating and comes in amazing colours. Here I've used Great Expectations on Amanda.

Toxic Free Minimalist Makeup Look

Here's my minimalist makeup must-have list:

What are your minimalist makeup must-haves? Or what's on your shopping list after reading this blog? Let us know! Author: Sandra La Scala.

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