Double Cleansing

Double Cleansing: Ask Barbara Series

Double cleansing may be something you might like to add to your skincare routine. One of the best things (there are many!) about working at Botani is Barbara. She is our founder and expert naturopath and herbalist "on tap" to harass (I mean politely ask) about various skin health concerns and general health and wellbeing questions. You've got to love that! Now, we don't want to be seen as greedy and hog ALL of Barbara's remarkable knowledge, so a few weeks ago we put the call out there on social media and asked you want you'd like to ask Barbara. Today we share with you the first couple of questions from our tribe.

Why Is Double Cleansing Important?

Question from: Rebecca Lagwarrin, Victoria


Ask yourself this: have you ever double cleansed and looked down in shock at the cotton pad, amazed at how there was STILL gunk coming off your face!? Not only is our skin exposed to topical makeup but it gets mixed in with our natural skin oils and tends to stick to the face pretty well! Your skin is also exposed to pollutants and visible dirt & oil from food, touching surfaces and then touching your face. The first cleanse removes all the products that are designed to stick to your skin like makeup and sunscreen. The second cleanse provides a much deeper clean and ensures your skin is nice and clean. You can use either use a cleanser twice, like our Purify Facial Cleanser or you can use a makeup remover such as our Olive Soothing Facial Cleanser, then a cleanser.

Are Toners Necessary?

Question from; Julie, Unley, South Australia


Toners are designed to be used after cleansing to help balance the skin's natural pH. A well-formulated toner can be very restorative for the skin. We only recommend using a botanical-based toner rather than an alcohol-based formula that includes astringents which are irritants that can damage the skin.

Toners are particularly helpful if you:
  • Haven't double cleansed.
  • Have sensitive or irritated skin and need a quick calming solution.
  • Feel like your skin needs a quick 'freshen up' or 'pick me up'.
  • Want an extra hydration boost.
  • Love the feel of a mist delicately landing on your face with the added benefit of an uplifting scent.

Thank you to Rebecca and Julie for your great questions! I hope you found Barbara's feedback helpful. Do you have a skin care question you'd like to Ask Barbara? Just message us via the contact form. We will be answering questions monthly. We'd love to hear from you.


This week we have the perfect cleanser/toner combination for your skin routine. Our Olive Soothing Cream Cleanser (100mL), Purify Facial Cleanser (50mL) and ourSoothing Facial Mist (50mL) - valued at $67.40.

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